Scott Bradley

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Scott started his professional career at just 16 years old,  playing classical piano from the age of 6 and also a self-taught guitar player. He was in many bands playing keyboards until he became lead singer and frontman.  Touring the country in hotels, nightclubs, casinos and holiday camps, he became part of many a successful group.


By the age of 22 however he wanted to move on;  and after visiting friends in the exciting holiday destination of Tenerife, he made the move!  He performed here successfully for 10 years where he truly made his mark.


After returning home to look after his mum, he continued to play in various bands throughout the next 4 years.  After taking a year off, Scott then joined up with Shelly Stevens, Paul Defty and Grahme Allen in the 'Shelley Steven's Show'.  Scott realised, however,  that he wanted to go back to fronting his own show.


He spent time over the next couple of years putting his 50's - 90's,  “Through the Ages” Show together, his 'Robbie William's' show ,and even his 'Rock' Show, all which are tremendous.


Scott has had excellent responses to all of his gigs, and please contact us to book.





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